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İncelemenin bir kısmı otomatik olarak çevrildi.

  • 26/08/2020

    This little electric pump works with the lighter's outlet and has no battery. Only the smaller less powerful model is battery powered. This one is more powerful and is able to quickly pump a car tire. Its usage is very easy and you don't need a user manual, even though there is one in the box. You choose between bar or psi, then you set the desired temperature and you press the start button. It will stop automatically when it reaches the setpoint. It has also adaptors for pumping various other inflatables like bicycles, balls, etc. The delivery to Greece took about two weeks and it was delivered with DHL. Everything was fine as always with Banggood.

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    Orjinali göster
  • 31/07/2021

    Δυνατό μηχανάκι, συμπαγές, ελαφρύ και γρήγορο. Το δοκίμασα για φούσκωμα σε πίτα λάστιχο. Σε πέντε λεπτά το είχε φουσκώσει στα bar που ήθελα. Δεν ζεστάθηκε το σώμα του καθόλου. Εάν επιχειρήσεις να φουσκώσεις τετράδα, ίσως ναι. Κάνει λίγο θόρυβο αλλά σε φυσιολογικά επίπεδα. Από τα βασικά εξαρτήματα στο αυτοκίνητό πλέον. Προτείνεται με κλειστά τα μάτια.

    Orjinali göster
  • 22/02/2021

    Компрессор получился очень качественным как внешне, так и внутренне. Выглядит очень дорого и хорошо качает. Для удобства использования я бы прикупил к нему наконечник для быстрой фиксации на ниппеле и какую-нибудь сумку, потому что очень жалко вот так бросать такого красавца в багажник авто. // The compressor turned out to be of very high quality both externally and internally. Looks very expensive and pumps well. For ease of use, I would buy a tip for quick fixation on the nipple and some kind of bag, because it’s a pity to throw such a handsome man into the trunk of a car like that.

    Yorumlar (1)
    Orjinali göster
  • 09/12/2020

    Доставлен за три недели. Качество материалов и изготовления высокое. При небольших габаритах накачивает уверенно. Довольно шумный, как и все подобные насосы. Шланг дополнил быстросъёмным наконечником с клапаном. К минусам можно отнести отсутствие какого либо чехла или сумки, как у младшей модели Xiaomi на аккумуляторе.

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    Orjinali göster
  • 23/06/2021


    Orjinali göster
  • 26/03/2021

    The product is well designed, nice looking, compact and with high quality materials. It easy to use it. You just program the desired pressure and it stops when reach that pressure. It shows you real-time the actual pressure. It also allows you to switch btw bar-psi. It's fast as air power output is strong. It comes with adaptors for balls and bikes. - Due to its small size it’s a bit difficult to put the wire back into the storage compartment.- the air hose screws to the tire valve not flap. Overall it does its job very well. I recommend it to everyone.

    Orjinali göster
  • 05/06/2021

    Quality product. Very well manufactured. All parts are attached to the main box. Easy to storage or curry. Works with car power. No battery on the device. That means that pumping car tires is faster and more efficient. By far a must have item in a car.

    Orjinali göster
  • 12/07/2021

    Pedido el 20 de junio y recibido el 12 de julio, tardó 22 días en llegar a Piura Perú, bastante rápido, sin protección extra. La caja llegó un poco golpeada, sin importancia. El producto es de regular calidad de plástico, poco peso y aparenta funcionar bien a falta de prueba. Lo conseguí de oferta a 35 dólares incluyendo envío.

    Orjinali göster
  • 20/01/2021

    Pros: Good product, good looking, state of the art, easy to use without reading the user manual, value for money. Came in less than a month from Germany with ACS Courrier. Minor cons: Makes a bit of noise and gets easily dirty.

    Orjinali göster
  • 25/11/2020

    En principio se ve muy bien y fue una excelente compra, trae todos sus aditamentos completos y lo mejor el instructivo en varios idiomas incluido el español. La entrega súper rápida. Gracias.

    Orjinali göster

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