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  • 23/01/2020

    Very powerful thrower for the size, I had to calibrate the temp sensor on first use and increase the thermal limit as it was stepping down stupidly quick. I measured approx 5000 lumens with 21700 cell and 1350m range. Muggle mode was buggy as per usual. Here is my in depth YouTube Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnpYeURTFbI

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  • 08/05/2021

    This throws like hell! Quality is great and it has the amazing button from the Ft03! Here are some specs from what i can see in my binocular,; With 50 Lumens i can see the watertower 250 meters away, even just details like the rail on it. And with 500 Lumens it Lights up it very well. It also reach a treeline on 500 Lumens 350 meters away. On 2000 Lumens it Lights up the watertower like daylight! With the Astrolux 26650 battery it gives maximum 4000 Lumens and with the Samsung 21700 40-T approx 5000 Lumens. On photo 250 meters on 500 and 1800 Lumens. Great value, dont hesitate, just buy it!

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  • T LVIP3

    Great light! BUT cannot reach claimed candela level as the reflector is the wrong shape. Look at BLF forum for discussion, looks like it is around 325kcd instead of claimed 510kcd. If reflector from FT03 is swapped, cd increases but not to 510kcd. Firmware has tuning problems for heat management, version of Anduril was not tuned for this LED/host and yoyos brightness because the software expects a lower-mass host.

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  • 27/01/2020

    AMAZING ! For more info visit my site on fb : LaserDIY (yellow logo)

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  • 25/01/2021

    Посылка приехала недели за три со дня заказа. Без пупырки: коробка чуть промялась, но содержимое не пострадало. Фонарь содержит зарядный порт USB Type C, но кабелем не комплектуется. Ну и ладно, их в хозяйстве уже навалом. Зато кроме скромного ремешка на руку и силиконовый герметизирующих колец укомплектован переходником на меньший аккумулятор. Мой аккумулятор в этом фонаре дозаряжался током 1,65А, в процессе заряда ток снижался. Индикатор в кнопке в процессе заряда горел красным, по окончании переключился на зелёный. Снаряженный фонарь очень удобно лежит в руке. Управляется одной кнопкой. При этом управление удобно и логично. Руководство в комплекте - подробное, на английском языке, доходчивое. Фонарь светит приятно, с очень выраженным узким центральным пятном и умеренной боковой засветкой. Чуть зелени на маленькой яркости, далее при повышении яркости свет становится чисто белым. Плавная регулировка яркости очень понравилась, возможности по настройке режимов впечатляют. Блокировка кнопки имеется, четырьмя быстрыми нажатиями - надёжно и удобно. Дозаказал чехол на пояс - теперь полный порядок, ещё рассеиватель подъедет вообще счастье будет!

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  • 15/01/2020


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  • 02/12/2020

    Produkt vypadá moc dobře. Zatím neodzkoušeno. Doručení bylo rychlé.

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  • 28/12/2021

    Come si vede dalle foto, é la quarta FT03 che tengo, ed é la FT03S col led SBT90.2 Certamente non é un mostro come quantità di lumen a disposizione, solo 4.300 , ma é la qualità della luce che colpisce. Il colore della luce é un bel bianco neutro con cono centrale ben definito e molto potente. Quindi é una torcia che si comporta benino a raggio breve e che, dovesse servire, permette di vedere benissimo a lungo raggio. L' interfaccia é la solita, (e aggiungo:meno male, Anduril) che abbiamo imparato ad usare, ci siamo abituati e non sappiamo più farne a meno. La torcia ha una buona potenza quindi consuma anche in proporzione. Dovesse servire c'é sempre a disposizione il powerbank da 18.000 mAh e che sopporta un picco di 800A. Eppure basterebbe poco per creare una torcia con led e driver estraibili ed intercambiabili e sarebbe la gioia per tutti.

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  • 04/06/2020

    Got the blue FT03S. Also have a black FTO3 with the SST40 and green one with the XHP50. Cant believe how powerful the SBT90 LED is!! I know there are some reviews out there saying basically the FTO3 host doesn’t do the SBT90 LED justice and doesn’t let it do its full potential but I’m telling you that the FTO3S is an awesome little beast of a flashlight and especially if you can get it at a discount like I did for only $90. I have the Acebeam K95 which also has the SBT90 LED and it’s obviously more powerful than the FTO3S but the FTO3S makes a good substitute when I don’t want to carry a large flashlight.

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  • 23/01/2021

    Did change the original reflector with the FT03. Lux reading went up from 976 lux to 1101 lux. Really great thrower. Change temperature setting to 70 degrees. The output is much more sustainable.

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