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Laszlo 2018-10-28 18:03:33
This clay cloth is terrible ! Rough edges , the clay and the cloth all stretched out ,it has foreign particles. Unusable item it will scratch the paint and wont lay flat on surface . Was folded in a box sicked to the paper ,I ordered clay cloth before and came rolled up in a tube so no wrinkles and wasn't glued to itself or the packing material!Costumer service not as good as used to be , a lot of times recently they ignore the issues and don't even bother answering!
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  • Banggood Dear customer,  Thank you for placing order in Banggood. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by our product. About this product's problem, our customer services will connect to you within 24 hours and they will give you a solution. Please take notice of your email box. We sincerely hope the problem will be solved fast. Best regards, Banggood team

    2020-10-28 06:30:28
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