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  • 13/02/2020

    Highly recommended. Instructions are a bit brief, but sufficient. With my Ender 3 Pro w/ upgraded Creality 1.1.5 silent mainboard I had none of the issues described by the TeachingTech tutorial. I received a genuine BLTouch V3.1, and also had none of the “BLTouch V3 incompatibility w/ Ender 3”-problems. Creality had stepped up to the plate after all the complaints about crappy software.

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  • 11/04/2019

    Works well on Ender 3, BUT if your control board has capacitor C7 installed (see photo) then you must remove it, or the very short duration Z-stop signal from BLTouch will not be detected and the extruder will just crash into the print bed when it auto-homes. This is a known issue with BLTouch and the latest Ender 3 control boards leave out C7. To refit the Ender 3/Pro cover and fan, you need to bend the four pins on the adapter PCB so that the 4-way header from BLTouch is horizontal. Versions of this kit sold elsewhere have the pins already bent.

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  • 17/07/2020

    Works a charm. Requires a little work to set up, but following instructions its all fairly straightforward. Instructions are not great, but there are plenty of excellent videos online (I suggest the "Teaching Tech" channel). It is very easy to accidentally insert one of the connectors incorrectly (one column of pins over). I did this and had issues, thought it was the firmware upload and went through various firmware revisions before finding the mistake. I downloaded the latest firmware and set up according to online instructions. Now my first layer goes down a treat *every single time* without the need to check the bed levelling manually with paper. I cannot recommend this product more strongly - I'm kicking myself for not ordering the printer with this option pre-installed. If you don't have an automatic bed leveller - this is the number one upgrade to buy before anything else.

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  • 24/08/2020

    This works great! No more spinning the wheels over and over again to level my bed before 3-D printing. The install is a little bit tricky but there are lots of online instructions and videos to help you. highly recommended.

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  • 04/11/2019

    Works great on original CR-10 (V1). I did struggle with flashing, so use official website with latest version. https://www.creality.com/download/bl-touch-firmware_c0006 I had great results with flash: latest CR-101.1.6BLTouchV3.1PowerLossContinueEnglish.hex Just make sure sure that fuse settigs are D6, DC, FD (as described in manual) Also, do not that you will have to remove z-limiter wiring, and do manual z-offeset settings..

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  • 04/09/2019

    Kit for the ender 3 with all that you need to install it. nice box. The product complies as described in the add. I received V3.1

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  • 03/05/2020

    This is the right kit for the Ender 3. It contains the BLTouch and mounting bracket and cables. It also contains the required kit for flashing your control board. Mine came with the BLTouch v3.1.

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  • 10/01/2021

    Semma product buyed from Tamilnadu, chennai. It tooks 2months to arrive in corona period.

    Orjinali göster
  • 14/09/2020

    This product arrived within 2 weeks of ordering it. For international delivery I am very impressed. The item itself is really well packaged. It is complete, and appears to be of good quality. My printer is currently mid print so I have not had a chance to install it, but as this is a genuine item I have no doubts it will function perfectly.

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  • 03/07/2020

    Got BL Touch V1.3 for Creality V1 mainboard. It is relatively easy to install (Ender 3), once installed and enabled in the firmware it works as expected. The only drawback of this solution is that the Pinboard A (pin expansion for BL Touch) does not really fit into the mainboard enclosure when connected to all the cables as it is too high and conflicts with the fan. It is also worth to remember to add auto-leveling commands to the slicer output code.

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