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  • 11/05/2017

    FC looks very good. Packed in a box and antistatic paket. USB cable, power cable with connector and mounting screws with adsorbers are included in package. PCB and soldering quality is great. Succesfuly paired with FlySky FS-I6X in AFHDS 2A Mode. Succesfuly connected to Betaflight. Stock version of BF is 3.1.0 Target SPRASINGF3EVO. Succesfuly updated to BF v.3.1.7. There is a little assimetry of transmiiter channels and little jitter in midpoints. It can be corrected with transmitter calibration.

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  • 22/05/2017

    This flight controller is prefect if you are looking to step your tiny whoop game up to the next level. It allows you to take an E010 or E010S frame (or probably blade inductrix frame also) and 6mm motors and go fly some acro! The board has plug ins for the motors so no excessive soldering, just the power and the camera. I got the Flysky version of the board because I have a Turnigy Evolution and it was incredibly easy to bind. I plugged in the board to the computer and betaflight was already installed, nice! (note here is the only con I can think of for the board, the position of the micro usb plug required that I remove a prop to plug into the computer, this is why the 4 stars for appearance) Anyway, I built mine with some fancy gold 73,000 RPM motors with the 3 blade props but I think the purple racestar 67000 RPM ones from banggood would be plenty. I also suggest using a JST PH2.0 connector rather than the one they provide because I think the best batteries are the Nitro Nectar HV 4.35V 250mah 30/60c that they now have a copy of on here that I am going to try out as well. Set up and build was pretty easy even though this was my first time trying it. I did cut down the rubber standoffs to make the mounting easier, other than that it was simple. And it flies great! I need to practice my acro skills though, haha oh FYI my finished build is 21g with no battery For the price this has got the be the best value around! Oh an dont forget to disarm asap after a crash!

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  • 17/11/2016

    From the CLI dump, this is the version info # version # Cleanflight/SPRACINGF3EVO 1.13.0 Jun 6 2016 / 00:03:29 (a77bc76) I have yet to solder power and fly it. Will be flashing betaflight

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  • 11/05/2021

    Very satisfied and close to Perfect! To begin with i recommend avoiding the PPM protocol. The Betaflight version is decisive and its configuration maybe "tricky". The board may behave strangely: 1 - The RANGE 1000-2000 may not be obtained. 2 - The RANGE obtained (other than 1000-2000) fluctuates. One day it can display values ​​and the next day different values. 3 - When adjusting the RANGE with the RXRANGE command, the drone behavior becomes " unpredictable ": a) the throttle may " takes off " suddenly. The drone then leaps in any direction. b) board's excessive failsafe or reboot. It seems like board, battery, or both dysfunction. c) the drone may suddenly lose altitude. Apart from the fluctuation and the lack of range due to the PPM / DSM2 receiver, the aforementioned malfunctions are due (in my case) to the configuration. To solve: - The card / The drone must work correctly before putting a camera (In case of PB, test/configure with a version of BTFL <= 3.5.6). - Avoid RXRANGE. My current range is 1060-1860. It can go down to 1053-1853 (The different thresholds and deadbands are adjusted accordingly). After the addition of connector, rubber and hot glue the design has evolved in order to keep the weight close to 20g. Because of the PPM receiver, the drone is probably a little less powerful than the SBUS version but it works very well and with Eachine E010 1s 3.7V 200mAh 30C batteries (0 loss of altitude and full speed). so: (To conclude) Product is AE (As Expected). Package content is great but with 2 or 3 more screws it would be even better (Close to perfect). Thx,

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  • 26/02/2017

    Thisi is the second one I got and this one works like a charm. Got some recerstar 615 motors simple frame using my old flysky put everything together in about 15 minutes bound and hooked to cleanflight and bammmmm i'm flying worked quick and easy and flies great. Might flash betaflight but for now it works great for around the office and around the house.

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  • 01/09/2017

    I bought the Eachine E010s fly sky version and was upset when it wouldn't link with my FS-I6S radio because it was strictly AFHDS 2A but with this inexpensive board it works! Remember to solder the power leads and the camera leads together blacks on ground reds on VCC.

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  • 28/09/2017

    Works very good now. The instruction manual is out of date and only marginally helpful. Has a bind button. The installed spracing_f3_evo firmware was full of bugs. Flashed the latest (3.1.7) and it's fixed.Unfortunately, the configuration will be empty/defaults which means starting from scratch (or copy a saved config.). Flies okay with the default Betaflight PIDs. I may spend some time fine tuning afterwards. Board doesn't have a BEC for the camera. Camera shares the current directly from the battery connection. The placement of the USB connector is awkward and that is the only complaint I have. This board is lavishly endowed with LEDs. Easy to see the direction flying line of site. The FCB (and FPV camera) are soft mounted with the included rubbers and screws. I'm using LiPo batteries with micro connectors so the included connector went unused. 66000 rpm (no load) motors. 220mAh 45C LiPo battery. 6 minute flights. It weighs 20.1g

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  • 25/06/2017

    Frsky version delivered with Cleanflight Firmware, USB cable and some mounting material. Sucessfully flashed latest Betaflight. The position of the USB connector on the board is not the best option. You always have to dismouted the prop if changes are needed. Additionally there seems the be a little jitter between 10 and 20 us on the channel which has to be corrected in the Tx.

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  • 21/08/2017

    Received this board months ago but left it to sit on a shelf. feature set is exactly what I wanted. I have not been able to use it. board powers and binds giving a solid green light but has no function in betaflight. my board is the 2A version and has a bind button. the PDF instructions for Flysky do not match my item. https://youtu.be/mY9808_KBDg

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  • 19/10/2017

    Wszystko ok i działa jak należy Tiny na ramie e010 lata idealnie stabilny żadnych niepożądanych drgań. miałem chwilowy kłopot z ustawieniami cos namieszałem i fc nie widział aparatury mimo że zbindowana była ale po resecie wróciło wszystko do normy. polecam.

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