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Chris 2019-08-21 21:13:20
My second Eachine EX2 mini. I ordered this one during a flash sale as a backup. Great little quad that I fly almost daily. I moved from a simulator the the Eachine Ex2 mini in acro mode before flying a full size racing quad because I knew I would crash a lot in the beginning. The EX2 handles crashes AMAZINGLY WELL. It has taken some extremely hard crashes with little more than bent props. Very durable, fast and fun. I purchased my first one without camera and installed a micro camera and 100 mw 5.8Ghz transmitter in it. It's wonderful. The only con to this one is the stock camera angle isn't adjustable and as fast as the EX2 flies, it's useless as it points at the ground. I purchased it at such a good price, I don't mind replacing the camera, so it's not a big deal for me.
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