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  • 24/10/2021

    Excellent beginners FPV headset / box goggles. All in all a great headset, only slight issue was power cable xt60 connection needed resoldering (easy fix). Highly recommended

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  • 16/09/2019

    received only 13 days from order. Package was slightly damage but inside everything ok first in house test, everything working. Tested with 3s lipo and 2s liion without differences. Osd menu a little tricky but can manage it. I let run for 30 minutes to check overheating but temperature is normal, used 220mah from a 2s liion. Flight test: First of all, uhau.... Under summer sun at 12 o clock I set brightness to minimum and was enought. Placed a cloverleaf and a high gain helical antenna and take off. You can launch the plane by hands and control LOS by simply flip the bottom mirror, when reach safe altitude swithch to FPV only flipping the mirror. Found this option very useful. Screen is joust enought for FPV, no wonders but works. Placed a phone on my taranis to show the map and was able to look at it and my taranis screen for telemetry without problems. I weared this mask for about 45 minutes and when i land I found myself more confortable than with goggles. Probably if you can see around fatigue is a lot less. I use reading glasses Reception: I went up to 7.5 km away without loosing video link, more or less same as my trusty googles, min RSSI on my directive antenna was around 22 in the worst case. After several flight (about 2 hours) drained 550 mah from battery PRO price Comfort for long time flying you can wear your glasses good video reception Screen brightness overcomes direct sunlight take off and landing in LOS mode you can see other devices (laptop/phone or radio telemetry) CONS no DVR - but I'm working to install no audio - not mandatory but can be useful no place to put a battery - working on a 3D printed pocket soon on thingiverse. I think this Little Pilot will become my preferred FPV google. PS: when back home I realize I forget to remove the transparent from the screen, see my photos!!!!

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  • 11/09/2019

    I need glasses to work on my quad but surprisingly I don't need them to use this FPV 'google' ! And if I need, no problem, there is plenty of space between my nose and the mirror. Quite comfortable on the head, not heavy at all. Very very clear and bright screen. Easy to fix a LiPo to the back strap with velcro and rubber band. Perfect for those with glasses and/or who like to see what's happening around them when flying.

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  • 30/10/2019

    Pro: + The most convenient Heasdset i ever had until now, better than any Boxgoggle ( Eachine G2, other Quanum Boxgoggles). Light, better looking, sharp image, for "old" eyes like mine (glasses). Very versatile: Use a Smartphone if you like. Con: - It's not the Minipilot 4 Monitor, but the good one from the reviews. Conclusion: Please be aware that you may get another Monitor than advertised (although the shipped one is good). The link to the manual is correct. All in all: A very good value for the money.

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  • 22/08/2019

    These goggles are bright, light and cooler than other goggles I use, and I don't have to take them off to glance down at the ground. They also work well with my reading glasses. The on-off slide switch and the joystick for accessing the menu are handy. MY COMPLAINTS: I would give these 5-stars except the monitor has SMA-RP connectors, which are different than the half-dozen other receivers and antennas I have so I have to buy two SMA-RP to SMA adaptors (a total of $5 on Amazon without shipping). To be fair, the SMA-RP connectors are listed in the specs for these goggles and these connectors are used by others, but they apparently aren't as popular and I didn't think to check the connector specs - I assumed they would be SMA connectors and would work with my other antennas. The goggles are supplied with one dipole and one circularly-polarized antenna, which doesn't make much sense to me since the antennas on both receivers in the goggles should be the same type used on the transmitter. Since the tiny quads I intend to use these goggles with have small dipole antennas, I need two dipoles on the goggles, but none of my SMA dipoles fit, which is why I need to buy the adaptors. The image reflected in the mirrors is not rectangular, it is distorted into a "keystone" shape that can't be corrected due to the geometry of the mirrors and light path. This is almost of no consequence for FPV use. The monitor does not have a built-in battery and no battery is included, but the supplied battery connector is common and I have several two-cell LiPo batteries that use the same connector. The unit is not supplied with a battery pouch on the head strap for holding the external battery, but I had an extra pouch so this was not a problem for me. This would be a much better FPV goggle if it came with the other Little Pilot Monitor that apparently has a built-in battery and DVR.

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    Orjinali göster
  • 07/08/2019

    Excellent product, screen is very bright perfectly viewable in bright sunlight. I added a battery pouch on the back strap and a combination of a helical and cloverleaf which give very good range.

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  • 22/07/2020

    Very interesting idea but something is wrong and I think the quality of materials. ofcourse to be light they use cheap plastic mirrors and very sensitive for scratch. They must be perfectly clean to not be distracted when watch a movie. I did watch Grayhound 2020 on them and my eyes was not tired after. The sensation is like you seat in a cinema row. Very nice experience and I will repeat it. Very suitable for long travels (plane or train). Too bad the materials of the mirror is questionable. I didn't try yet the screen for fpv. Enjoy!

    Orjinali göster
  • 02/10/2019

    I really like these goggles. OK they look a bit silly but the image is very bright and very clear. I can wear them with glasses. The reception via the diversity antennas is very good. There is a timer on view to time your flight. There is the RSSI from each antenna on the screen and also the goggles battery voltage. Selection of channels is very easy and they are comfortable to wear. The image is so bright that I did not need to use the supplied sunshade even in full sun.

    Orjinali göster
  • 16/09/2019

    Here is Hawkeye Little Pilot VR with an Eachine ProDVR Mini attached to the side. The screen is super bright, crystal clear, with a slight distortion on the bottom left and right corners, but otherwise superb. I'm powering it with 3s 18650 attached on the back (its temporary and its ugly I know :p) and it even balances the weight so its even more comfortable than without the batteries. I did a comparison indoors, the reception is better than a non-diverity fpv box goggles set I tested, but I haven't tested it outdoors. The menu is very easy to use, controlled with a joystick on the back of the viewer. You can switch from the diversity receivers to video in by pushing the joystick right for a few seconds and vice-versa. Push the joystick right for a few seconds for a quick auto scan. Also, the open type allows you to give a glance to your transmitter if needed, and part of the surroundings as well. I've tested it with glasses and there is no problem there either. One con is that there is no dvr and I had to make this near-cyberpunk situation with cables running here and there to have a working dvr solution, if it could be integrated inside it would be awsome. And btw take care not to insert anything into the false sd card slot on the side. If looks is not an issue, its value for money is over the top.

    Orjinali göster
  • 15/11/2019

    super masque. écran bien clair. bonne réception des images et le gros point positif,je peux garder les lunettes avec le masque et je sais regarder le drone et avoir un oeil sur la RC en même temps. vraiment le top

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