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  • Reman

    I was a little sceptical about buying these. I've used quads with "Games console" style transmitters before and I've never found them to be much good. The ones that come with these are acceptable. Nothing to write home about, But they work perfectly well enough to fly this quad. The flight times I've had so far with it standard were around three and a half minutes of chucking it around the room, or just under 5 minutes of hovering around in one spot to see how long it COULD run. It's a really stable little quad in it's lowest setting, But only goes up to "interesting" at it's highest setting. It doesn't really go all the way up to "Mental" like some of the other micro's I've flown, But for flying in a small to medium sized room it's as lively as it needs to be. The 200mah Inductrix upgrade battery won't fit on this as standard because this has a fixed "Surface mount" power socket on the controller board, And the battery holder has a front to it that stops longer batteries being used, But 10 minutes with some side cutters, A soldering iron and a couple stubby lengths of wire should sort that all out. The stock motors are a little bit underpowered. They're OK for the standard quad, and just about flyable if you're fitting an all in one "VTX/cam" to it......., But if you ARE thinking of "Whooping" this, Then you'll really want to upgrade them. BG sell packs of 4x Chaoli CL-615 motors that should do the job. Only question is whether the stock FC/ESC/RX board will take the extra current ... I've ordered the motors, So time will tell. :) I've added a photo to this review showing my E010 with a naked Eachine EF-01 AIO cam on top (Damn, That quad's warranty didn't take long to void did it. LOL !). I've put my Quanum V2 goggles and a 2200mah battery in the shot for scale.. I was pretty surprised at the size of this quad when it arived (I thought it would be about half as big again), So this pic should give you all an idea of what you're getting. It flies OK like this, But you're on about 2/3rds throttle to hover and only get about a minute thirty before the battery's drained so far that it won't climb anymore (Hope my upgraded motors and batteries get here soon. :) ). As a cheap toy quad, It's punching well above it's weight.... AND WINNING ! It feels like it's worth well over the price BG's asking. As a base for upgrading into a "Tiny whoop'a'like" it's a pretty good option because it's so cheap that you don't mind junking some of the original new stuff to fit the necessary upgraded new stuff. All in all, If you're after a cheap toy for the kids, Or want to use it as a tiny FPV quad, It's a pretty good package.

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  • 30/08/2016

    Received 2 of these today and upon the first flight I can say this isn't a bad alternative to the inductrix. At the side of the inductrix, there are a few notable differences (from the box with stock controller), the first being the flying weight feels heavier and this may be down to the frame of the e010 being a bit more solid than the original. Of the two, the Inductrix feels more of a 'locked in' flyer but for the extra amount you pay on one, 4x the cost is a question you would need to look at yourself in where value for money is concerned. As far as toy grade quads go, this is perfect for a beginner due to its resilience to obstacles and low rate speed. I have included a photo of the Inductrix at the side of the e010 to show how close they are.

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  • 27/03/2018

    This is great drone for beginners and as a gift. It is stable, relatively fast and tons of fun. It flies even better with this more powerful batteries: http://bit.ly/2DobDIU

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  • 13/09/2016

    This is only the 2nd quad that I would say was appropriately designed to handle being flown by children. The other from andoer (intruder) is great but this one has improvements. Both are good kid toys because of the single piece prop protector frame. This one is even sturdier. With it being a single piece it stands up to impacts far better and mine has survived being slammed directly into walls, trees, and pavement and still flies. With this quad you got one key return (not true gps home, but it will bring it in your direction) and headless mode which actually works pretty well for such a small flyer. It feels light and cheaply made at first glance, but that low weight allows it to survive most crashes Highly recommended for a toy quad

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  • 30/01/2017

    I added lights from a christmas led stripe. just swapped the position of a few leds to come to a setup where I have 2 green in front and 2 red at the back. Just love flying this in the dark in the house. the leds added less than 1 gram, and also power consumption is neglectible - still fly 5 minutes when I am not doing any flips.

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  • 01/07/2020

    Very nimble product. It is very resistant to impacts, I'm really loving it. Great for beginners. It's learning curve isn't so fast, demanding time to get to it. The manual it's synthetic, better look for a YouTube video on how to operate. Overall it's mandatory you buy it with 2 or more batteries so you can have a great time with it with no worries.

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  • 02/05/2019

    produto chegou bem embalado, muito bom... gostei demais !!

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  • 14/03/2019

    Muy buen drone. llevo unas horas jugando y funciona excelente lo recomiendo totalmente

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  • 16/12/2016

    PROS: Portátil, barato, levissimo, fácil de controlar, MUITO RESISTENTE a impactos, bom pra quem quer ter uma noção de drone em ambientes fechados, ´ótima opção para presentes . Contras : Bateria não dura quase nada , cerca de 5 minutos de voo e 35 minutos para carregar em média, aconselho pra quem quer realmente se divertir comprar um pack de 5 baterias que vende aqui na banggod mesmo ai sim vale a muuito a pena. Nota final: COMPREM SEM PENSAR DUAS VEZES, é totalmente divertido e gratificante, não fui taxado pois sinceramente a banggod é um show no quesito envio .

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  • 25/08/2016

    For indoor use only with this setup. Install a FPV-Cam and have fun.

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