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İncelemenin bir kısmı otomatik olarak çevrildi.

  • 08/05/2021

    The best for amateur and semi-professional use. With three noses immediate response, immediate change of the nose. Easily repairable and at an incredible price. Delivery from Czech warehouse in 3 working days !!!!!! Το καλύτερο για ερασιτεχνική και ημιεπαγγελματική χρήση. Με τρεις μύτες άμεση ανταπόκριση, άμεση αλλαγή της μύτης. Εύκολα επισκευάσιμο και σε απίστευτη τιμή. Παράδοση από Τσεχική αποθήκη σε 3 εργάσιμες ημέρες!!!!!!

    Orjinali göster
  • 29/05/2021

    I'm shocked, such good quality. Banngood sent me the latest version as always. I'm writing this on May 30, 2021 - it's important because the opinion will be long. I got a great soldering station. There is no video of support for the latest build and software anywhere yet. HW Ver. 3.10. SW Ver. 3.2. I have so many soldering irons that I can't count myself. Now I guess I'll put all the others in one box and take it out. A very simplistic menu, that's great. There is no clock, that's good. I have so many different clocks around - you can go crazy. The settings are very intuitive. The parameters are perfect. The voltage supplied to the tip is 25.4V. The resistance of the heaters is 8.48 Ohm, which gives a maximum power of 76.08 Watt per heater. Heats up in 8 seconds. Temperature control from 50 to 480 degrees in 1 degree steps. I set the standby mode only to 50 degrees, the lifetime of the tip will be very long. Even if you do not have a tip temperature sensor, just start the smaller one and choose the right one for the elements, let's not get crazy - it is supposed to solder, the tin should flow, after soldering it should be shiny. There are 5 profiles to remember with an accuracy of 1 degree, very quickly switched with an encoder and each can be adjusted instantly. The Handle 907 (blue-yellow) is the best, I would not change it for any other. I set the standby temperature to 50 degrees for 2 minutes. The boost can be set from 10 to 100 degrees in 1 degree steps. Set Tip Cal menu to 02- Recover, confirm. It will be 100% okay. I recommend to buy only at Banggood - you will not find such a refined version anywhere. It is great even for an amateur, I am a professional electronics engineer and this station has beat all I have. I ask Banggood not to change the comment, because the station is better than the description.

    Orjinali göster
  • 19/04/2021

    It is a very small and nice soldering iron. It heats up in 10 seconds. Ordered from CZ warehouse 13.4. arrived 19.4. It has a battery in it, it remembers time. Display 2 is not here, as the seller wrote.

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  • 02/11/2020

    Item arrived pretty fast (14 days from China ) and in good condition. The soldering station works very well and temperature is accurate.

    Orjinali göster
  • 25/11/2020

    A good solution with some deficits of the implementation. Positive: - Easy, intuitive interface that can be discovered and understood without a manual. - Fast and rather precise control of temperatures due to an option to calibrate individual tips. - Adjustment of PID levels of the controller helps to avoid significant temperatures drop during soldering of large parts. Negative: - The aluminium metal case is not grounded! Danger of an electric shock! It can be easily solved by installation of a dedicated cable inside of the case. - A flimsy mounting of the main controller with the LED panel. The PCB of the controller is fixed on both edges, but is not parallel to the front and LED panel is positioned not properly. This could be easily adjusted by placing an additional washer on one side. - Supports only linear tip profile correction that is not sufficient for tips with a non-linear profile. Calibration of the tips will be performed by 3 points. However the resulted correction is just linear and is the same for all 3 points. So, if you have a tip with a non-linear profile, then you cannot properly adjust temperatures on all 3 points with a such correction. You need to sacrifice one edge point for the two other. Or, alternatively, if you need to have a proper middle, then you should to leave deviating edge points. - The functionality of the firmware v3.1s is not matching the hardware. In the menu you can find some additional options, e.g. for a vacuum pump, but the installed controller was not designed for these options. The version of the hardware will be indicated as 3.1, but in fact the PCB looks very similar to version 2.0. The respective extensions of the PCB layout that you may find on the version 2.1 are not there. - The firmware has a bug in the calibration. After calibration of a of BCM2 tip if you power on the station then the menu will be closed with a password. You need to enter a password "5555" and reset the station to get it back to the normal work.

    Orjinali göster
  • 03/04/2021

    Gut verpackt und schnell geliefert (CZ). Die Station wurde noch nicht getestet, macht aber von der Optik und Haptik einen guten soliden Eindruck. Die üblichen Anpassungen (Gehäuse-Erdung und Kühlblech-Modifikation werden vor dem Regelbetrieb ausgeführt.

    Orjinali göster
  • 21/02/2022

    Υπάρχουν πάρα πολλά video και πληροφορίες online . Η αγορά έγινε με κουπόνι στα 61 ευρώ μαζί με μεταφορικά . Ήρθε σε 7 μέρες . Οι μύτες είναι υπέροχες .

    Orjinali göster
  • 01/02/2022

    A very good soldering station. I had the battery installed again and I can switch between "Display1" and "Display2" (more information). I can only point out that you should do the grounding of the housing and the soldering tip yourself. The subsequent grounding can be seen in the pictures. This is quick to do and fun too. The circuit board for the power supply is labeled V2.05 and the controller circuit board is labeled V3.1. You can see everything else in the pictures.

    Orjinali göster
  • 10/03/2021

    пришел упакован в пупырчатый пакет, брал с ручкой старого образца так как там жало можно задать, иногда надо что-то раскаовырять на плате, потом может докуплю ручку без зажатия

    Orjinali göster
  • 29/10/2020

    Excellent product I highly recommend! Very well built, works like a charm, has more features than a fully priced Hakko. Many people complain about a few design flaws but imho, most of these are not justified (or just overzealous). Here are a few examples: 1. The heatsink is right above a hot track. While true, I don't think it matters at all. Current doesn't flow to the heatsink because of the pcb mask. Some say in case of overvoltage (like 1kV), it may happen. But such a power surge would blow the fuse anyway. Now what if the pcb mask wears out? Well, the heatsink will just be at a high potential, which is not a problem since it doesn't connect to anything. And what if it ever does? Well, shorted to earth, the house differential will activate, shorted to neutral, the fuse will blow. So I don't think it's a big concern. Not a concern of mine at least. 2. The power connector is soldered directly to the pcb instead of using wires. This would be a problem if the pcb was physically attached to the case, as forcing power chords in and out would break the solder connection. But that can't happen here. The pcb is only held by the connector and can freely slide inside the case. So now amount of play with the power chord/plug would break it. The pcb is not screwed to the case for that exact reason. 3. The metal case is not grounded. This would be a major concern if any hot wire could touch the case from the inside. But there are no floating parts in it. As said, the power connector is soldered to the pcb and I can't see how the case could receive any voltage at all. Note, the fact the aluminum is anodized means nothing to me as it still carry charges, and screws make the connection. But in my country, regulations say any metal case must be grounded, plus I like peace of mind, so I just drilled a hole in the case, fit it with a screw, and put a wire from here to the ground. Problem solved.

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