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LolindirLink 24/01/2020
it shipped very fast! great start. the bag is a bit confusing, so many zippers! but I think I've got it.. nice feeling material, expandable version. works very good. smartly done! too bad no raincoat, I'll probably DIY one soon.. I feel it could have a few more smaller pockets of varying sizes, or I haven't found them yet. and a good part of the bag strongly reminds you of a suitcase. not sure if the bag is going to easy in use, like when you do groceries, there's no time to figure out how your own bag works, so I hope I get that down. it's a bit of a complicated bag at first glance.. but overall, everything seems very nice! and so cheap! how?!? amazing! def. 5 stars. even if it breaks soon. still a nice deal! even our cats like it!
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  • LolindirLink Edit june 2020: The bag is still absolutely fine!Always 10 KG with me, These bags are very good! I wish it had more pockets though. More smaller pockets like those for pensils etc.

    Cevap 02/06/2020
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