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KC8KVA 10/11/2020
Perfect for capturing HDMI from game systems and camcorders into the computer for re-streams or archives. You MUST use USB3.0 (blue USB connection) for it to handle the speed. It works GREAT!
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  • als4912 It doesn't support USB 3.0. The manufacturer used a blue connector to make you think it is USB 3.0, although in fact it is a regular USB 2.0, it has only 4 pins. And the speed of USB 2.0 is enough to pass the captured stream compressed in MJPEG. The claimed 1080p@60Hz mode is not actually supported. If you try to use this mode, you will actually get 1080p@30Hz, and extra frames will come empty, without data.

    Cevap 13/11/2020
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