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AdamD 2019-11-20 11:09:08
This is an amazing power supply! It is working great and has many features, in a modest price. I have already a homemade transformer (from microwave oven) and it is actually a perfect match inside the box and also in volts (almost 70V)! It also includes an external thermometer and I measure the temperature of the transformer. A have only few complains: having only 6 amps is somehow limited, I hope for more in future models. The banana plugs are not the best. Having led in some buttons is very good, but the numpad has no lights. Other than those minor things, I like it and I suggest it! I also suggest the other power supplies from this company. I have the buck/boost model https://tinyurl.com/wbpqvbe connected to an old 12V computer power supply and it is working flawless for years now, as my main bench power supply for my electronic lab.
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  • TommyK Hello Adam, if I have a 60v power supply which volt range and which ampere range can I set on the Rd6006

    Cevap 2019-11-26 12:57:01
  • GetatekPC I'm hoping you know MOT's are not supposed to be used this way. Their cores run in saturation and must be cooled by a big fan, also, you have to remove both magnetic current shunts. It is best to add turns to the primary increasing its resistance to decrease its "unloaded current draw" to under 40 watts. This quantity of size and core weight can sustain about 300 watts maximum. *Note: Since you will increase turns on the primary (to stop saturation), you will have to increase turns on the secondary afterward to get the voltage back up to where you want it. Be safe! :-)

    Cevap 2019-12-23 14:43:06
  • Nguyễn Văn Phát I want to talk to the supplier

    Cevap 2019-12-25 05:30:53
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