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IGOR LABUTIN 2019-10-24 05:10:27
For switching galvanically isolated from the control signals of the load circuits, an electromechanical relay is a good thing. The relay is very compact. Colored small LEDs on the board indicate the presence of power and the status of contacts. Two pairs of contacts, if included in parallel, will, if desired, increase the permissible switched current. According to the datasheet, if I understood correctly, each relay contact is capable of switching current up to 2A at a DC voltage of up to 30V. When the switching voltage increases, the permissible switching current decreases (see datasheet). According to the datasheet, the control voltage to the coil of the relay itself can vary from 1.5 to 48V DC. However, the power supply to the relay control circuit from the PWM channel signal (on the printed circuit board), according to the Banggood Listing, should be 5V. I really hope that the 6V (RC models with powerful servos) relay control circuit will also successfully hold. Datashit looked here: www.weclonline.com/downloads/pdf/07-01-4005.pdf - thanks to the user who provided this address in his comment here.
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