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  • 2019-11-09 06:52:51

    nice little robot. easy to assemble, tool kit is complete and easy to program. nice product thanks banggood

  • 2018-05-08 07:33:06

    Quite easy to asembly but left foot had holes 2 mm shifted (they didnt fit to next part) so I had to filed it by small square file. But it wasn't a problem (quality: 4 stars). You must have basic computer skills to use Ardiuno software. Robot works very well. Software includes 2 programmes: dancing and simple robot (robot walks and does'n hit any wall because it has got sensor :-). You can make many, many, many other programmes - they are limited only by your imagination!. Programing is a bit

  • Sylvain
    2018-04-08 08:19:11

    Le kit est arrivé bien emballé avec un léger retard. Kit complet il ne manque rien. Cependant sur un des pieds du robot les trous sont 2mm trop près d'où un montage un peu bancale. L'assemblage du robot nécessite une certaine attention car le guide n'est pas toujours très claire. J'en suis aux premiers essais: il marche ! (mais pas droit...) J'attaque la programmation la semaine prochaine: à suivre...

  • Keng
    2018-03-09 08:57:01

    very good for contents and assembly details.

  • b3Rt
    2018-02-28 12:32:38

    Nice kit

  • james
    2018-05-14 09:01:10

    It was a product that I needed.

  • 2019-11-20 20:40:01

    llegó rápido y en buen estado. muy bien empacado.

  • steve
    2018-03-03 13:36:05

    This was fun to assemble, until I found out that the servo controller board that was supplied in the kit is different from what is described in the installation instructions! The mounting holes are for a different controller board, and the supplied one simply doesn't fit in! I had to improvise, in order to accommodate it. Also, the HC05 ultrasonic sensor's information is incorrect - the manual has a different pin-out from what is labeled on the actual part. Lastly, the servos' connections do not correspond

  • kaka
    2018-05-21 21:28:36

    Recebi depois alguns dias, porem vale a pena. O único inconveniente é que a placa controladora dos servo motores não esta funcionando.....e não sei como pedir a troca....por isso vou comprar uma outra para resolver o problema....mas no demais é muito legal....não vejo a hora de por para funcionar.....

  • Geoffr5
    2018-03-21 06:15:53

    This is a well presented kit that is relatively straight forward to assemble with the help of the downloaded instructions.Programming is quite straight forward. The only issue that I have is that the servo-motors are not very good quality and in fact two of the four servos in my kit had damaged gears, meaning that the walking function was not smooth and the robot jerked as it walked.

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