LolindirLink I hope my enthusiastic review didn't sound like a bot :') "It's fantastic! amazing!" But it honestly really is, And for this extremely low pricejQuery191030368000990891686_1588984553813 I still use it a lot, about half a year later, I've been moving it around, switched the cables a lot. Used different power supplies, And this Teyun A4 mixer just doesn't seem to look used. It's like it's brand new.. I really don't get how this thing just works the way it does for this cheap price! That's why my review sounds so hyped. This product only has 2 reviews to this day? why?? Guys, Buy this thing for your DIY banggood XLR Microphone setups!

LolindirLink 01/11/2019
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LolindirLink Thisis not for 2 headphones! (This only works for headphones Microphone) A regular headphone jack has 2 black lines on the headphone tip (3 connections inbetween those lines) and this one has 3 black lines (4 connections) Things like this work for your dual-headphone purpose https://www.banggood.com/Headphone-Splitter-Cable-3_5mm-Audio-Splitter-Sound-p-935700.html?rmmds=search

minple 20/02/2019
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