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Szocske14 Vigyázz, nekünk az 50kg-os gyerekünk alatt, 5-hónap használat után tőböl kitörött a gázlift. JAVÍTHATATLAN

Sonic500 08/10/2021
Really love this new chair as it is firm but very comfortable with the cushions laying down. The strut is pretty stiff with little-to-no bounce as I prefer a bit of bounce but that will come over time with wearing it in. The foot support is quite sturdy once extended out and it is really simple to fold it back before tucking it back under the chair which does not get in the way. The cushions are super comfy with the pillow up the top for supporting your neck when leaning back and the lower one helps with better posture sitting upright which I found more comfortable moving it up just a touch from the base but also helps when laying down. The arm rests are a bit flimsy moving them side to side but using full body weight pushing down on them, they are solid. Also comfy and spaced perfectly apart when your arms are in the resting position or to lean on. The craftsmanship of the stitching and style has been very well done as there are no loose ends or soft foam edges that would easily wear losing durability over time so, that is impressive! I added some M8 washes with the bolts under the chair as the holes were a bit big which over time could wear through but also the washers help give extra support for the bolts. The back bracket holes were drilled well and didn't think the 3 bolts would be enough but once assembled and I leaned back to lay down, it was well supportive with no flex and held my body weight with no issues. This is on the lowest resting point too so it might be a bit more flexible higher up if you are a taller/bigger person. I am 6ft (180cm), 90kg and it was solid. Over-all I would rate this the best gaming chair I have bought so far as I paid a great price of $117, free shipping and has leg support when you can lay all the way down. I can't recommend this chair enough so get one while the price is down!
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