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w1lly Hello, Can you please check what module you have received? Rapidmix (if so which version v1.2 or 2.0) or somthing diffrent. Thank you in advance.

chittybangbang 28/08/2022
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Q: will the HDZERO vrx module work with ear goggles?

Soran MarkMontreal Açık 2022-10-05 10:58:03

w1lly Yes - just ordered yesterday for my ev300o

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Q: Is it compatible with Tyro119?
thank you

Soran ZoisF Açık 2022-08-05 04:56:17

w1lly All analog cameras are compatible with all analog Vtxes. Tyro119 is an analog drone so yes - and this is very good camera.

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