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Hobbyboy Update to my original post. My first issue or problem I ran into. Supplied motors do not fit the LED motor mount. The hole spacing should be 16x16 in order to fit the mount. The motor they sent 12x12mm, so it doesn't fit at all. Waiting for BG customer service to straighten this issue out. Next is the pdb it's huge! IMO it's not needed or another one can be made out of a small pdb which is what I did. Oh, the wing tip covers for the leds should've been clear plastic instead of all white, really guys!

Hobbyboy 07/07/2022
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Q: what is the temperature of the air?

Soran Marco Açık 2022-08-04 12:24:37

Hobbyboy unknown but it works well. If your looking for it to de-solder parts it may not get hot enough!

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Q: my cellphone is oppo a12, does it support uvc?

Soran BG603456411 Açık 2022-08-05 11:42:08

Hobbyboy Not sure! I have an Android phone and it works well with it. Check the description to see they have a list.

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Q: Hi is this version with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth?

Soran JLMFPV Açık 2022-07-30 07:47:03

Hobbyboy They have both. You can use BT or wifi. Only after it has been flashed to bind and make changes

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Q: mine is frozen. how is it reset

Soran BG244021465 Açık 2022-07-27 10:16:19

Hobbyboy Try removing that batteries! wait a few minutes then put them back in.

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Q: what size analog camera? Foxeer Nano? or Micro?

Soran AndrewY Açık 2022-07-28 07:25:09

Hobbyboy any mini camera with fit the cut out.

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Hobbyboy you can't connect a buzzer to this board! if it's chiming it's the esc that's making the sound. It's also sounding off possibly because you haven't set it up!

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Q: Is it compatible with the original stock Turnigy 9x radio transmitter?

Soran Javier Candalaft Açık 2018-02-25 07:01:35

Hobbyboy No! This is flysky and I believe a different protocol

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Hobbyboy 18/03/2021
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