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velcro this is an android software not a windows,no such thing as 32 or 64bits on android

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Q: Is it smart camera following movement ?

Soran s_benhenda Açık 2021-11-16 12:47:08

velcro no,it does not.You can only move it around with your phone using the application.

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Q: Will this product repeal deer?

Soran BG126153691 Açık 2021-07-16 02:16:10

velcro I received it today and on their list of animals,the biggest one is a Boar...so i presume the only way to test it is to buy it. deer have a very high hearing sensitivity,higher then most animal ,so ultrasound should affect them,,if you use range 5 (the highest)my guess it should work!!!!my problem is squirrels,cats,skunk,marmot,etc,,,all small animals,nothing big...

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velcro Imay be a bit late but if you check the power battery capacity it dies say that you require 6x2500mAH,but if you go further down on Banggood manufacturer camera (product function point) it does say that you require 6x15000mAH which is 6 time greater,,so i presume that anything between these two capacities it should work fine.I could not find any 15000mAH on banggood but no problem on Aliexpress..Of course whatever you find on Banggood ,buy from them rather then Aliexpress,,Banggood is the best(5 stars )

armsoluciones 01/06/2021
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velcro suggestion,,if your computer use windows,you can download an Android emulator like BlueStacks,then from googleplay download the apps(same as you cell,and then you can see everything from your computer..A emulator for windows is very useful for people who wants to use android software on windows

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