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AggieRC 23/01/2020
Pros: Beast of a flier, especially after sticking JESC and betaflight 4.1 on. (Flew well on existing tune also) Nice four minute plus flight times on the supplied 3s 450s. Surprisingly good medium to long range ship with the crossfire option :D Baby turtle takes nice video, and this quad has far less jello than the BetaFPV H115 I first encountered it on. ESCs compatible with JESC firmware. Cons: Supplied antenna was dire, poor range, big dead spots close in. Replacing it with a Lumeneer AXII mini was like night and day :). Canopy is a little fragile, be prepared to glue it back together in front if you scrape the ground in low level prox flying, or around the rear screw if you hammer it off a ceiling indoors. Spare parts (frame, canopy) not yet available, try not to break it until HappyModel release them :D. Important notes: VTX does not respond well to 'low power disarm' setting, seemed to just stay at 25mw all the time VTX response to smartaudio power changes is spotty, best to pick a power level you want, use the 'set vtx_power' commands from the manual in the betaflight CLI and stick with it. If you flash this with BF 4.1 for that sweet, sweet RPM filter goodness, remember the board needs at 40 degree gyro skew in settings or you'll have a bad time when you take off :P. If you want peak power to weight / best handling, build it whoop style without the ducts and put three inch props on, it's a mad beast that way :D. Overall verdict: Hella glad I bought it, I plan to fly it to death, rebuild it, then fly it to death again :).
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AggieRC Thoseare just the default smartaudio settings - you can select 500mw, but you won't get it just because you can select it. The important thing is the number smartaudio reports at the top of that settings screen :)

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