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Q: porque,nao estou conseguindo rastrear o produto?

Soran juniorcruz85 Açık 2021-04-14 12:22:01

BG231164416 For any problem you have send an email to cservice@banggood.com ...

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BG231164416@zagrebboris Of course. I'm using it always on the 5v adapter for months without any problem. I know that I'll damage its little battery but I don't mind. I bought it for a specific reason. I didn't want it for portable use.

BG231164416 09/07/2021
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BG231164416 Of course it has. Don't be afraid to buy anything from Banggood. They are professionals and take care of their customer. If you have any problem you can contact with them and they will solve it...

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Q: Is this P20 HD tablet currently in stock Please ?

Soran Allan Açık 2020-12-09 04:44:51

BG231164416 At this time, no it isn't...

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Q: Micro sd 128 Gb will work on Drone Mavic 2 pro?

Soran Osorio2020 Açık 2021-11-08 10:32:46

BG231164416 Of course, it will...

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BG231164416 It's needed the surface to be stable with no vibrations. You decide to put it with these 2 important conditions...

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