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Roger I'dlike to point out that it's large enough to hold a action camera lots of accessories though.

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Roger No.if you look at the image you can also see it only says "mm/inch" if it was fractions there would be a third measurement type written. My advise is use metric then Google calculator or similar to convert to imperial fractions.

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Q: Where is the temperature sensor?

Soran PC317 Açık 2019-09-09 05:06:35

Roger Thetemperature is just a convenience. You must use another device to measure solder tip temp, then calibrate the iron so the number match. Or just use it by "feel" and try to think of the temperature range as a wattage range.

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Roger 29/11/2019
My unit thankfully arrived safely as this is mostly plastic. The disc has a protective film on top, remove this and you get a very shiny plastic surface with a metal film coating. The finish is almost like a mirror. The unit seems to like some weight on it (0.5 to 2 KG) as light loads causes the plate/wheels to judder a little. With some weight on the disc spins more stable. The motor seems strong and consistent in the two speeds (slow and really slow), and the noise from the motor/disc is barely noticeable at all. The top/disc can be pulled straight up (be careful though) so that you can grease the four small wheels, some form of light/mistlike universal silicon or similar spray may be best. I'm also pondering lightly sanding the inner plastic ridge the wheels are in contact with to see if that might make the rotation smoother. The motor seems serviceable/replaceable, the general construction while all plastic does seem robust enough so with good care it should last a long time. I'm also pondering modifying it to use a power adaptor. The two C (LR14) batteries seems to be in parallel so rather than 2x1.5 (3 volts) it might be just 1.5 volt that the motor needs. It's also possible it's wired to use 1.5v at slow and 3v at high speed. Later I'll study the motor more and maybe use a potentiometer dial to allow stepless speed adjustment. Hopefully a more expensive and robust metal version of this becomes available with a stepless speed dial and support for USB power, I would happily pay twice the cost for that.
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