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NelsonC I have to amend my comment. My unit did not survive the winter. I left it in the car, and I guess the cold temperature got the best of it. The gauge does not read pressure properly anymore. Something inside of it has died. :-(

NelsonC 02/01/2018
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NelsonC It's indeed disappointing that the band (strap) cannot be easily adjusted. I think it will take me a trip to the local watchmaker to see if I can have it adjusted to a smaller size. In fairness, the length of the Band is shown in the specs of the advertisement for this watch (230mm); I should have looked closer and / asked questions before. I sort of purchased this one on an impulse.

slowhand 13/08/2018
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Q: o visor e de zafira?

Soran Anthon Msj Açık 2018-09-07 04:54:42

NelsonC For the price, this is a glass top not zafira.

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