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Q: is this ready stock?

Soran areefwd Açık 2022-02-20 12:08:35

erwinf will this actually ship? I'm also waiting for my order. more than a month already. and now I see that stocks will arrive by april 22 if ever that is true.

2022-03-26 03:29:40 Yararlı (2)
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erwinf no, but if you use an external elrs module like Happy model es24tx slim pro, that module has a ble and i have successfully used it on my pc with liftoff as a Bluetooth joystick

2022-03-16 06:12:15 Yararlı (0)
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Q: Is this compatible with regular 2.4ghz rc radio.

Soran chadjao9999 Açık 2021-11-23 05:43:43

erwinf the antenna should work with regular 2.4ghz radios. it's just an antenna and it's still for 2.4ghz

2022-01-18 09:49:42 Yararlı (0)
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Q: Can we unscrew the antenna ?

Soran Antonin Açık 2020-04-14 08:20:45

erwinf nope. but you can mod it if you need a removable antenna

2022-01-14 07:36:25 Yararlı (0)
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