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Q: Can it be used for Ender 3?

Soran Skilteskoven Açık 2020-10-05 06:29:49

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Q: is this good for n scale

Soran Hummer Açık 2019-04-20 07:58:45

Skilteskoven No, it's to big.

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Q: Do i connect directly to power or is a resistor needed?

Soran Adriaantylpro Açık 2019-08-21 03:54:14

Skilteskoven That depends on the Voltage you apply! If you apply more than 3 V, then you would need a resistor to limit the current through the LED! Let's suppose that you use a 5 V supply. The voltage drop accross the LED's according to the specifications is 3 V, then you would need a voltage drop of 2 V over the resistor. Again, according to specifications, the current through the LED is (max) 20 mA. Then using Ohm's law you could calculate the value of the resistor: R = U/I =2 V/0,02A = 100 Ohm. This is minimum value, so I suggest you use a 120 Ohm resistor :-) For a 12 V supply the calculation is: R = (12-3) V/0,02A = 450 Ohm (minimum)

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