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Q: How many channels is this plane capable of? Also where is motor housing ?

Soran mohammadrayyanus Açık 2020-07-06 09:41:37

igorgvozdovsky This model allows a lot of options for installing engines: 1. Installation in the nose of the aircraft. 2. you can install two engines on the wings (after appropriate modification) 3. Install the engine above the fuselage on the rack. The most important thing is to have straight hands. Minimum number of control channels - 4

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Q: Can we unscrew the antenna ?

Soran Antonin Açık 2020-04-14 08:20:45

igorgvozdovsky The2.4 Gh transmitter antenna is not unscrewed

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igorgvozdovsky The video recording Board is very hot, so you should leave space for its ventilation during installation.Плата записи видео греется очень сильно, по этому, при монтаже, необходимо оставлять пространство для её вентиляции.

igorgvozdovsky 06/01/2020
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Q: good for electronic cigarette?

Soran dangerman Açık 2020-01-31 05:03:52

igorgvozdovsky No,these accumulators are not very suitable for e-cigarettes. Look for vtc6 or VTC6A accumulators.

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