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Q: Is the servo old or new version ?

Soran zgrturk Açık 2019-01-17 04:08:39

Bubu38860 Yes it s the new black and red one.

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Q: Does it fit to jumper T8sg plus ?

Soran zgrturk Açık 2019-06-24 07:53:33

masato yes

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Q: does it have autobind and does it work?

Soran Rick Açık 2020-07-14 07:13:30

zgrturk it autobinds to your receiver but for the first bind you have bind it manually to the receiver you have and it must be one of the pre defined protocols .

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seansgrandad Comes with 1.5mm sockets.Both female.

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Q: does it fit flysky fsi6?

Soran Noam_S Açık 2019-09-20 04:38:33

zgrturk This one has m4 bolt . Check out the thickness of your stick bolts . Normally M3 is standart bolt size so you need a M3 size stick ends.

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zgrturk V450D03 frame is totally different . check out the measurements of both rotors 1 by 1 to see if it fits or not

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zgrturk It uses afhds-2a protocol to bind a transmitter so check out your tx if it supports

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