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BG815139161 Using the 51 mm pressure bottomless portafilter you can change between the basket for ESE Pod or basket for single or double cup espresso (the device come with this 3 different type of baskets); The 51 mm pressure bottomless portafilter with black plastic handle is made special for this Hibrew H11 and can once fit espresso in 2 different cups or just in one cup (from his bottom 2 holes); The included water pipe is a small but necessary tool that need to be used to can start again the espresso machine when you forgot to fill the water tank with water (usually the device in this case can't start without the necessary level of water); The tamper is black plastic and helps to put coffee powder in the bottomless portafilter stainless steel basket and also to ensure the need coffee powder pressure; The device has also the User Manual. I recommend to buy the Hibrew 51 mm non pressure bottomless portafilter (just the original will fit the espresso machine), a double stainless steel tamper (one side for mixing and another one for pressing the coffee powder in the bottomless portafilter basket). Keep in your mind that after the most important thing (the coffee quality based also on your taste) you will need on the second hand a good coffee grinder (for the fresh roasted coffee beans) and will be good mostly in the beginning to have a scale (if your coffee grinder doesn't have one). Don't forget that the grinding level is the second most important thing to can have the best esp

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flyhighro81 Ordered in 23 April, was sent in 2 of May, received in 16 May via eu priority line(do not purchase electronics via standard shipping if you want to avoid vamal tax - don't get cheap for 10$ including insurance) ,good delivery

flyhighro81 16/05/2019
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