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Q: does it come with card?

Soran KevBurton Açık 2021-10-03 01:33:03

BG114817451 Why should it, when it is so very easy att "put" a card or two of YOUR choice in the "shopping cart" while you order the pen camera. BTW there is IMO (=for myself) little use for a card of more than 32GB.

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BG114817451 Yes it did match mine and I am happy that it did, as I already have mentioned in my review of the battery. I intend to eventually write another review , now that I own even a third battery for my Engwe EP-2, but tonight I mainly want to answer the question concisely in the affirmative ;-)

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Peter 22/03/2021
I've used a nice folding bike for years. In February '21, I noticed a "flash"-offer, which was hard to refuse. I knew little of e-bikes and nothing of Engwe, but took a chance and ordered a bike completely different from the one I already had - and I'm sure glad I did! My EP-2 arrived after about a week in a very impressive(protective, "stiff" PU-foam between the EP-2 and the sturdy cardboard) package. I wasn't too surprised about the weight of the EP-2. However, I was surprised about the difficulty I had mounting and dismounting, in spite of being a tall person, but after a few days I had adapted to the EP-2 and figured out an appropriate technique. I'd had misgivings about the thick tires, but the wheels rolled well anyway and their large volume is reassuring in two ways. Max. pressure is 1,4 bar, I contend myself with 1,1bar. On my first e-assisted ride up three inclined parts of roads, I became excited about the new possibilities the new bike would allow even at my ripe old age. My body and mind were apparently not quite prepared for the novel "e-pedal-assist" ways... Following a tip from an e-bike forum poster, I today adjusted the lowest pedal assist power downwards quite a bit, and now I feel VERY comfortable and reassured with my five PAS settings of something like (AFAIK ;-) 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 %. On a steep uphill grade, where I'd use 3rd gear in a loaded car and never before pedaled up, I managed splendidly today, pedaling my splendid EP-2 with Shimano set at 3rd gear (of 7) and the PAS set at 3rd stage (IIRC). So, I am very satisfied with my EP-2's build and the components used, the apparent power economy (GENERATING electricity while rolling without pedaling!) and the indescribable (they feel like almost limitless) new opportunities this IMO perfect hybrid vehicle offers me this new spring. A great source of joy and hope, sorely needed in these depressing COVID times! P.S.: I could elaborate on some of the points above upon request by email...
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BG114817451 Hi, I don't know and I don't care - why should I and when would I ?!? I happily use my EP-2 as a BICYCLE, pedaling all the time, except when it is rolling downhill, then I use the brakes instead of the pedals. On a level road, my indicated speed is about 20 km-h, slightly downhill I can pedal at Shimano's 7th gear and 30 km-h with minimum PAS. I do not want nor need to speed at 35 km-h and I'd advise anybody against having ambitions of speeding at more than 30km, one reason being the excessive drain on the battery.

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Q: is the p10hd better?

Soran Jooonz Açık 2019-12-12 05:36:20

peterloeskow I was comparing everything on the pages for the two and could NOT find any difference, except for the HIGHER screen resolution of the PS10HD - the price of which is LOWER ! I would like to order an S from CZ, but dislike paying 10% more than for an HD...

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