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Q: can the xm+ version connect to tx12?

Soran BG122141361 Açık 2022-05-21 05:03:47

DANIEL BIRD I'm not an frsky user, but i think it works like this. if your tx12 has the cr2500 chip(name something like that) I think it will work. if it has the 4 in 1 protocol chip im sure it will work. You will have to look up whether your radio is compatable with frsky xm+. Banggood paired me with your question, not understanding some users don't use the same receivers others do. But I think this might help

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Q: How long can it fly for I’m thinking of buying one

Soran BG403242810 Açık 2022-06-13 04:16:16

DANIEL BIRD well, I mounted a 25mw aio vtx camera to mine so I can't give you a really accurate flight time but yours will be better without the camera. my cam runs off the same battery the plane does so I'm drawing more than the basic model and I still get up to 9 minutes flight time. the basic model should do ten. And a tip for you. Hubsan h107d 380mah batteries fit this model. they are cheap on eBay cheaper than the standard replacement and just as good.

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DANIEL BIRD That is what manufacturers refer to as plug and play. Plug in the receiver of choice, (bind with transmitter) , play.

mardv14 26/02/2022
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Q: Propeller really 13x7 inch?

Soran DerJo Açık 2019-10-16 07:54:14

DANIEL BIRD On the prop is printed 130x70. I think that's millimeters. In inches roughly 5.1inchx2.7inch. So to put in drone prop context 5.1x2.7 2blade prop, I think, certainly not 7inch.

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