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st00 you can do it very easily with a Samsung phone swipe your screen down from the top of the phone then select the cast or Miracast button then make sure you're projector is on the AirPlay screen you do this by using the on the projector making sure your screen is on Android version and once you've selected the Miracast or cast button on your phone phone the name of the projector will pop up select it and that has them linked up together and you have Miracast mirror double screen very easy iOS device you swipe that iPhone up the way from the bottom of the screen and select AirPlay then go to the airplay screen on the projector making sure it is the iOS screen and your phone will display the name of the projector likewise the same way the Samsung did it and select the name of the projector and that is in linked together using iOS

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CBrightly You can program the board using the Arduino IDE, which has a language based on Processing. You can also use microPython or ESP-IDF to program the board, and surely other solutions also.

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