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BenLandel The case is not even shipping proof...It is not good for storing LiPo if you want any kind of protection from fire or explosion.

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Soran Lonny Açık 2022-09-23 11:42:22

BenLandel This is obviously not a liscenced product....

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BenLandel You scared me a little with your claim, so I waited to be able to actually make the swap to reply. On my 144001, originally with a brushed 550 motor, it's a direct drop in replacement with the stock 44T spur gear. I cannot advise for your specific application. I'd ask on quadify rc group for your application.

BenLandel 13/08/2022
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Q: Will this fit a arrma outcast exb 6s 1/8?

Soran BG245350454 Açık 2022-01-03 07:58:07

BenLandel Yes, it will fit, but you need a 25t servo horn ; the stock is 23t. You'd better to get the 36kg instead for an Outcast. I have the 36kg in my Typhon 6S and it's fast enough.

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