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Q: can it be connected to grid?

Soran BG433524451 Açık 2020-11-23 06:52:22

ArjanStam No, you'd need a grid-tie inverter.

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Q: Can it be used in saltwater for short periods of time?

Soran MTS Açık 2020-06-12 12:38:15

ArjanStam The casing is plastic, and it has some metal screws. Since it is specified for use with "acid and alkali solutions" (even with "etc." added), which can both be (much) more corrosive, depending on which acid or alkaline solutio,. it is most probably perfectly able to withstand salt water, and virtually certainly for short periods only.

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ArjanStam Assuming it operates at 300 A for 1.5 sec per weld, one weld will use 300 Amp * 1.5 sec = 450 As. The battery's capacity is specified as 4300 mAh = 4.3 Ah. 4.3 Ah = 4.3 * 3600 As = 15,480 As. The amount of welds per charge is the available amount of Ampère seconds divided by the amount of Ampère seconds per weld, so that's 15,480 As divided by 450 As = 34.4. So a fully charged battery can theoretically supply the required power for 34 of such welds, after which the battery has 0.4 * 450 As = 180 As (50 mAh) capacity left, and has to be recharged.

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