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DanSourmayo I don't believe so. This isn't the same as the microcontroller on the control board for that engraver. I'd suggest replacing the entire control board, as you'd have to find the correct microcontroller and find and flash the correct (potentially proprietary) software onto it.

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Q: what is the maximum current it can handle?

Soran Vishal Dhayalan Açık 2017-12-08 06:15:27

DanSourmayo I've had no problems at 1.5 amps.

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DanSourmayo Not a direct answer, but I ordered a 2 pin euro adapter to the UK and they supplied a euro to UK adapter. The UK plug is seldom in stock!

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Q: which is the Amp suported?

Soran weisy Açık 2019-01-23 09:57:56

DanSourmayo I have used up to 1.5amps without an issue. If you have a bench supply, you could sacrifice one connector and test how many amps it could handle.

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DanSourmayo You can add one colour at a time, and as many of that colour as you want, to your cart. So you can add two red to your cart, then add one yellow to your cart.

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Q: Is there soft rubber tyres in each car instead of foam tyres ?

Soran BG644127836 Açık 2021-03-30 08:37:28

DanSourmayo There is not an option for rubber tyres, though some other models do have rubber tyres.

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DanSourmayo You could solder a small resistor or potentiometer between the motor and board. You'd want to start by figuring out the number of volts the motor uses and calculate what resistance you should need to drop the voltage slightly.

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