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WAZOO battery tested. full charge/discharge 4-5 times.- basic S500 frame quad 1200grm -> flight time = 32min. (4min better than previous batt 6000mah/45C)** BUT this battery charge is ONLY 5700-5800mah, probably it is a 6000mah real capacityI have some dudes that this battery is 6500mah. smaller size than other 6000mah jQuery191007467277799437788_1534420877561...mmmm.... dude

WAZOO 2018-08-13 08:54:21
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WAZOO tested and conclusionsI am very satisfied. more than 20 charge-discharge and 5700..5800mAh of charge recovered (not fully discharged)6000mAh will be correctI have buyed precision scale and its weight was 459gr.... not 442gr as description.... little difference

WAZOO 2017-11-14 12:03:22
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