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Blaxlinde 2019-05-19 01:31:16
WOW... WHAT A TORCH... I love this thing, I bought my first butane "micro torch" in the 80s, In fact I think I bought from the first shipment into Australia, I've used maybe 25-35 different ones over the years from the 1st pencil type ones, onto the ones that hold a disposable cigarette lighter inside & even the ones with soldering iron tip adaptors and hot air blowing tips for shrink tubing, Mostly I use them to solder the tips of heavy cored copper wire to consolidate the end preventing loose wires slipping out of terminal strips etc, This torch is by far the Best one I've used by a long way, Incredibly comfortable, I mean super slick it's so nice to hold its sometimes hard to put it down, & very, very powerful, with four individual flame tips all close together it's a blast to use, so fast to heat the copper that the insulation doesn't have time to burn so that's great. I Recently had a mishap, halfway through soft soldering a 15mm copper pipework job my Mapp gas torch expired luckily I had my trusty little blue friend in my kit, & it had not trouble at all soldering a blank ended cap on that water line which meant I could leave the property with the water running rather than leaving my clients in trouble till I got back a few hours later. Positives; Powerful, comfortable, reliable refillable & Pretty too Downers; it's a bit heavy on fuel consumption & takes a second to shut off, but that's it, I want to buy 10 of them just in case they stop making them 🥺 one day, they're that good
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