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adsf 1.Can set detection sensitivity in APP camera2. Movement tracking is to calculate abnormal conditions to move through the algorithm. If you run quickly, you will be alerted in the APP. You can purchase other security equipment for secondary alert.3. The abnormal situation of the lens is to track the abnormal situation. It is recommended to enter the APP for real-time monitoring after the APP prompts.4.The wifi signal will be affected by the surrounding environment and solid wall. It is recommended to use a network cable to connect at a long distance.5. The detection area also needs to set the detection sensitivity. Generally, animals above 15kg will trigger.6. The Ethernet network cable needs to be used after the router automatically assigns IP7. The cloud function needs to be used for a fee, and the camera needs to be connected to send notifications.8. The mobile APP is YCC365 Plus APP, you need to download and register, you can log in to the PC webpage ucloudcam after successful registration

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