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Q: Will this work with the series X?

Soran Helena27 Açık 2021-04-05 01:06:43

MATTHIASSCORP I wish I knew It works great with One S

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MATTHIASSCORP Of course it is...If you can't see the update, download and run the Windows Update wizard from Microsoft

2021-02-17 01:05:05 Yararlı (0)
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BG351143335 So does mine... Doesn't it work as a magic remote?I can't pair it

Petya Gyarmati 15/05/2020
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Q: is compatible with netflix and other broadcast apps?

Soran mapuza Açık 2021-01-16 02:36:07

BG351143335 Assoon as I receive it I will post an answer

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