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pendersricardo I'mnot sure why you'd want to do that but yes you can buy additional bits for this either here on this website or at a local store, the bits are standard bits that you can buy pretty much anywhere.

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Q: Ele serve pra fazer reparos em relógios de pulso?

Soran BG554013125 Açık 2023-01-14 05:15:47

pendersricardo Sim,isso possvel

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pendersricardo Heythanks a lot for the extra information on the GPIO's and the link to the website where the drivers are located, I wouldn't have know without this info.

pjmibanggood 06/07/2020
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pendersricardo Ilove your YouTube channel, it's because of you that I'm interested in this board. I watched several videos which are great tutorials, I used your link to buy this board a couple months ago and had to get a refund because of issues getting it sent to me, they didn't have any of these boards in stock until now so I bought this exact board to follow along with your tutorials so I'm looking forward to finally get one of these boards and start tinkering with it. Thanks a lot for making the tutorials.

Volos Rakic 04/12/2021
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Q: What power supply does this controller need/work with?

Soran BG055181820 Açık 2020-10-28 04:42:56

pendersricardo Recommendedis to use a 5V power supply, 1A is enough for just the microcontroller. You can go up to 12V I do it myself but then the voltage regulators have to work harder and get warmer to burn off the over voltage as heat so you need to take that into account if you use a power supply higher than 5V.

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AndreW82 The display frame is attached with double sided tape to PCB. Display flex cable is not soldered, it is inserted in connector on PCB

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Q: what is the max current in ma this device can supply?

Soran jdwit Açık 2021-12-11 02:45:37

pendersricardo ifyou have something that requires more than a single LED you'll have to provide that power via something else, this can't provide any useful power to anything, it's only there to make sure you'll have the same voltage level as the chip is working with, that's selectable by the jumper and you can choose 3.3 volt or 5 volt but these voltages are solely for setting the communication voltage for the communication lines, that's it so do not use it to provide any significant power to your project, you'll destroy it.

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pendersricardo Ifinally got it working with my new phone but to get this thing connected and working exactly as you want or what you might expect from a camera like this, forget it, it's really finnicky to get connected in the first place, the audio that it should be able to output just doesn't work, the settings are not clear at all what it does so you'll have to guess and hope for the best. This camera is NOT worth the money they ask for it, to my opinion 10 dollar would be the right price for this camera and that's even too much to be honest because it's nothing like they advertise it and forget getting any support from the developers or via the forum it's just bad overall this whole thing. The only good part about it is that the camera is not horrible and the microphone works but that's about it what I can say what does work reliable and the video quality is good enough to recognize people, colors look good and you don't need much light for it to still work in full color which is pretty impressive for a cheap camera like this.

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pendersricardo Youneed to install the driver before your OS is able to recognize the Arduino and the links to the software you'll find on this page, Banggood provides all you need to make it work.

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Q: What's the maximum voltage for these resistors?

Soran pendersricardo Açık 2020-01-17 09:51:40

PC317 Voltage rating for ¼W resistors is from about 250V to 750V (special HV resistors)

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