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Q: Will this nice servo handle 8.4V?

Soran elliottphil194 Açık 2020-10-07 05:56:40

Pyrrhuline Hello, we have sent your question to the suppiler, will feedback to you soon.

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elliottphil194 The dimensions are clearly listed in the ad. I have many protek servos and I like them so far.

BG531154281 2020-06-24 20:25:14
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elliottphil194 Hi there Tim. I can't see the crack in the servo, can you post a better picture. I wonder if it might just be 'bad luck' that you got a bad one? Or, were they all cracked? I have bought over twenty PTK servos and each and every one is a masterpiece. I have not been using mine in a model, AS YET, but they will be going into expensive model aircraft and gliders. I have full confidence in the product, but time will tell if they meet my expectations. Cheers, Phil

Timmym 2020-08-12 08:22:19
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elliottphil194 Yes, brother they are a pretty standard size for 9g servo. The size is already written on the page. Size is similar to mg90, hxt900, or emax es08.

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Q: why can't this be shipped to Australia

Soran robyn Açık 2020-04-24 09:23:50

elliottphil194 Hi Robyn, It is early August now and I bought one from Australia it is a pnp with esc motor and servos (unknown quality, but!) for au$193 including postage. It was ordered Saturday night and I am expecting it today - Friday.

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