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BG385522548 What do I need to fly this plane

2020-07-08 12:51:39 Yararlı (1)
Answers (3)

Q: Will this work with a FlySky FS-6i transmitter?

Soran BG221117153 Açık 2020-01-22 21:10:53

Graeme No,the protocol is different. You will need a taranis, xlite, QX7 or a transmitter that supports ACCST.

2020-05-02 17:30:40 Yararlı (0)
Answers (1)

BG411043916 Does this plane camo with remote control transmitter battery and charger. if not can you recommend me the one that will work for this plane features?

2020-03-25 17:47:21 Yararlı (0)
Answers (1)
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