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Q: is this water proof

Soran BG575354524 Açık 2021-04-03 10:27:44

TMCCRC It's splash proof IPX4 I believe.

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Q: Is there a brushless motor for this RC truck?

Soran Saenar Açık 2020-10-30 11:31:40

TMCCRC Yes there are several options available for this truck. Obviously you need to change the radio gear also. 👍😊

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Q: can i put these on my mn 86?

Soran BG101712641 Açık 2021-11-07 06:14:39

TMCCRC I'm pretty sure they are slightly shorter than the specific MN ones that they do for that truck. I can't see any reason why they shouldn't fit! 👍

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TMCCRC The battery compartment on these are quite small and the batteries quite specific. You may however be able to modify it to accept a larger capacity? I'm pretty sure it comes with a t shaped deans connector. 👍👍

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Q: Is this the C24-1?

Soran Elliotmelville Açık 2021-06-08 08:45:42

TMCCRC Yes it is. 👍

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Q: what esc should I get that is cheap

Soran BG221546401 Açık 2021-11-14 05:29:16

TMCCRC A little 35-40A one would do. Are there not any on Banggood? 👍

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