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TMCCRC 16/07/2022
Eachine buggy based on the HBX 16889 chassis. Very tough construction, and handles well. Decent oil shocks and fully metal transmission. Don't believe the speed claims for this RC they are miles off! Was loads of fun to drive until the ESC started playing up. This is genuinely a good buggy apart from the ESC. Quick delivery from Banggood as usual, always impressed. For a full YouTube review use the following URL: https://youtu.be/C466fX0uMwo
Yorumlar (3)
  • BenLandel Is it the same speed as the 16889a pro? seeing that everything but the wheels are the same it should be very similar

    Cevap 19/07/2022
  • TMCCRC Mine does 22mph with a little lipo in it. I've since traced the fault to a dry joint on one of the motor wires. 👍

    Cevap 21/07/2022
  • BG574782115 wherecan I buy a second battery from (in UK)? Is LiPo better? What size battery fits? Thanks

    Cevap 07/12/2022
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