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wingerr what came of the batteries? did they work after charging?

hkocznar 2020-06-17 09:08:44
I'm a bit torn in half, I ordered 2 of the 70 MHZ versions and they arrived in very short time. Bad #1: Though they both arrived with empty lithium cells, likely all 4 batteries are chemical damaged. I'll need to find out how badly. Bad #2: There is not even a single sheet if instructions, no precision sheet, no manual, no first use sheet nothing. What's the difficulty to sit down for a few hours Daha Fazla Göster
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wingerr I got the same version you show, it doesn't allow repeated welds without having to reset and arm it first by pressing the button. not good if you need to make a large number of welds. it's okay if you... See more

Snappy 2020-08-17 03:04:48
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wingerr works best if you don't press too hard on the electrodes. it needs contact resistance to develop the heat required to weld. just apply enough to make contact and don't try to make it more better by th... See more

James 2020-06-11 20:57:33
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